The Weaver & Poje Love
"Our skating style could be described as emotional." || Showing some love for Kaitlyn Weaver & Andrew Poje 2014 Worlds silver medalists | #WeaPoFamily

Slipping to third place were Canadians Kaitlyn Weaver and Andrew Poje, who skated a beautiful program that might have been inspired by the story of Pygmalion. The music, Humanity in Motion by Nathan Lanier, provided the backdrop for the statuesque Weaver to come to life and compel Poje to fall in love with her. The program, which earned them 91.53 (41.59/49.94) points, was a crowd favorite, but technical levels kept the duo from placing higher in the competition.

“We’re pretty disappointed with our free dance today,” Weaver confessed. “Several of the minor mistakes just added up. The good thing is that these are the easy things to fix, and we are no strangers to going home and working hard to rework the little things. We created an audience-friendly program which was a goal of ours, so we’re happy about that.”

Weaver and Poje’s score suffered from level twos on their opening spin, as well as both step sequences, however, their competition total of 157.32 was more than enough to keep them on the podium.

“We will get a lot more feedback, but what we know is that our spin was probably short a rotation,” Weaver said. “We didn’t get the highest levels on our footwork, either. The little things here and there start adding up to a point here and a point there, but we’ll go home and fix them.”

Elvin Walker for Golden Skate.

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Love this positive attitude! #GoWeaPo!!!

As @Mellyres tweeted earlier “Keep on working! Keep on dreaming! Keep on achieving!”